Tuesday, 17 May 2011

You can buy VirtaPay dollar from us

Hello all virtapay users.

We are currently selling virtapay dollar.

Our Offer:

1 lot: $500 VirtaPay Dollar (Price: $10 USD)

2 lot: $1000 VirtaPay Dollar (Price: $18 USD)

5 lots and above ($500 VirtaPay/ Lot) (Price: $ 5 USD/Lot)

How to purchase:

We are currently accepting PayPal only:


Please provide your virtapay username in the PayPal purchase page (in the "Your VirtaPay username" field).

Please email us at jitolmagada@gmail.com for any further assistance (Please write : "VirtaPay buyer" in your subject line).

Please allow up to 24 hours for our delivery.

This offer is valid until it disappears from this blog.

All purchases are final. Refund is only applicable in cases where you don't get your VirtaPay Dollar from us.

P.S We have been in the VirtaPay business since it was known as PayBox. We've been working very hard to earn this amount of VirtaPay balance. We are fully aware that scamming will seriously jeopardize our serious business. We do not scam. We are doing a serious business here. Please do not flag us. If in case you don't get what we promise here (very unlikely), please kindly submit a dispute ticket to PayPal or to any relevant authorities in your country.

Proof of virtapay balance: